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Ag Tech Business was founded in 2013 to help bring security and piece of mind to the farmers and rural businesses. We understand that you have a lot to protect and not many people understand how to work with farmers and rural businesses.
The company has grown into helping all size of farms and businesses by bring perimeter security, bio-security, animal welfare and people welfare under the watchful eye of security.
Our Team of specialist help you with the products and tech support you need to see the images that you are after.
Give us a call and see how we can help you.
we can use info@agtechbusiness.com for people trying to connect with the company.
Also let’s use my google voice account for now for the phone number:

Speak to an Agent: 952-405-0098


Sell products to protect your property, your equipment and your livestock.


To work with farmers and rural businesses to provide them with the protection they need and products to help improve their lives.


We come from a small town and farm background, so we know and understand what it takes to make the products work for you in your environment.
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