We Are Here To Help You

Customer Support

Ag Tech business will help you design the system, work with you on either talking you through the installation yourself, or to having one of our professional install teams install it for you.

Follow-up, we realize you are going to have questions, our tech support personal will help you either by answering questions or logging on and walking you through your issues.

Live Calving Wireless Camera System

We can design a wireless live calving system for you. Calving is always a stressful time, being able to watch the calving process from your home or on your phone, allows you to know how she is doing at all times. Custom designed wireless calving camera system for you. Watch it your calves from the comfort of your computer or smart phone. This will keep you in constant contact with your cows during this process.

Custom Designed Camera Systems

Ag Tech Business will custom design a camera system that works for your farm. We realize no two farms are the same, so all of our systems are designed for your property. Big or small, inside or outside or both we can create a security system that works for you.

Installation of Camera system

Ag Tech Business is able to work with your on walking you through your own installation of your camera system or we can have one of our professional install teams do the install for you. After the installation we train you on how to work the camera system and allow you to get comfortable in using it.